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What can you find at ERA?
  ERA Alaska Virtual Aviation provides service to Alaska, British Columbia, and The Pacific Northwest Region. Partnership programs have expanded  ERA Alaska Virtual Aviation beyond its service area. We are always looking for team oriented pilots. ERA Alaska Virtual Aviation is a "hands on" group, and operate in a fashion that simulates the Real ERA Alaska as best as possible..

Our Virtual Airline operates in MSFS and Xplane using the FSEconomy Addon for Flight Simulators. Membership is Free!

  ERA Alaska Virtual Aviation has a wide array of aircraft available for pilots, and areas of operation that provide both learning and fun. Realistic flight operations in a virtual world provide FSEconomy pilots with a sense of the spirit that lives in The Last Frontier. We work to create scenery and aircraft that enhance the simulation, and provide a sense of realism.

Flying Wild Alaska


Where can you go at ERA?
  ERA Alaska Virtual Aviation has a large network of facilities around Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington and beyond. Including custom scenery for Oil services, Ski and Helicopter tours, Mountain Climbers, Rural Villages..

  We try to keep things pointed as they are in real life,  ERA Alaska Virtual Aviation facilities are available for pilots in routes that teach pilots about Alaska. Create flight plans, study your weather, and interact with controlers using VATSIM. Or, just grab a plane and fly the jobs that need doing. Fly the hours you are comfortable with.

  Share jobs with other pilots on other routes via ERA Partnerships.  ERA Alaska Virtual Aviation pilots help each other by hauling jobs out of an area to the hubs for other routes.Partnerships and other advanced groups require seasoned  ERA Alaska Virtual Aviation pilots. ERA Alaska Virtual Aviation has several groups to fit the pilots agenda.

   ERA Alaska Virtual Aviation Pilots also can receive the Latest updates to software and hardware for ERA Alaska Virtual Aviation aircraft and scenery. Fly glass panel aircraft, or seat of the pants bush planes. ERA Alaska Virtual Aviation uses an extensive fleet of aircraft that includes many helicopters. We also use larger aircraft in advanced groups of  ERA Alaska Virtual Aviation, like the CRJ and C130.

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